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Ernie Rizzo has worked as a policeman and licensed Private Detective for over forty years. He has a very impressive background, including cases ranging from Michael Jackson’s child molestation case, to Elian Gonzales’ deportation case, and from the Helen Brach murder, to most major divorce and child abduction cases across the country.

Ernie has acquired skills in civil, criminal and domestic investigations which have set him apart from all the rest. He has worked in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America and the Middle East. He is constantly called on by the media (i.e. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Court TV, Fox Network) as a consultant/contributor on television shows and radio talk shows. There has been literally hundreds of articles written about his investigative abilities in books, magazines and newspapers.

Cases Ernie Rizzo’s Been Involved In

  • Michael Jackson - Child Molestation Case
  • O.J. Simpson - Murder Investigation
  • Helen Brach - Murder Investigation
  • Yoko Ono - Child Kidnapping Case
  • Hugh Hefner - Security
  • Steven Seagal - Divorce
  • Vana White - Personal Investigation Svcs.
  • Danny Bonaduce - Personal Investigation Svcs.
  • Michael Jordon - Domestic Case
  • Horace Grant - Divorce Case
  • Elian Gonzales - Immigration Case
  • George Halas - Divorce
  • Charles Walgreen - Divorce and Child Custody
  • Hanhardt - Chicago Police Jewelry Theft-Ring Case
  • Ann Landers - Divorce Case
  • 1967 Northlake Bank Robbery & Murder of Police Officers
  • The Wrigley Family - Divorce
  • The Donnelly Family - Divorce
  • Popiel - Divorce
  • Ray Kroc - Divorce
  • Singer Buddy Greco - Divorce
  • Bears’ Otis Wilson - Divorce
  • Actress Linda Evans - Personal Investigation Svcs.
  • Palimony Attorney Marvin Michelson - Sexual Assault Case
  • Actor Charlie Chaplin’s Missing Body
  • Dr. Scholl - Extortion Case
  • Town of Cicero - Special Investigator
  • IBEW Local 134 - Special Investigator
  • Disc Jockey Steve Dahl - Personal Investigation Svcs.
  • Richard Bailey - Horse Killing Fraud Case
  • Intercounty Title - 100 Million Dollar Theft Case
  • 1965 Valerie Percy Murder

Background Picture:
Ernie Rizzo in Israel